Ethanol Extraction Skid by Pinnacle (AES)

Ethanol Extraction Skid by Pinnacle (AES)

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Pinnacle Alcohol Extraction Skid AES (two 100 L vessels) has a 90 gal and 200 gal tank with process piping between tanks.

Ethanol feed tank of 500 gal is available for purchase but not listed in this package. See WWW.RUDEREQUIPMENT.COM for tank listing.

Chiller is needed to run the AES skid. Recommended by Pinnacle is a FP90 Julabo Chiller or similar sized unit.

30 PSI air supply is ran to the top-side of the AES vessel.

Supply from chiller connects to bottom ports on 100 L vessel. Return to chiller connects to top-side ports on both 100 L vessels.


ModelAlcohol Extraction Skid AES