R200 Super Critical CO2 Extractor from Vitalis

R200 Super Critical CO2 Extractor from Vitalis

$160,000 (USD)

North Carolina

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R200 Super Critical CO2 Extractor from Vitalis. In excellent condition, comes with all ancillary equipment. There are two (2) available for double the throughput, or known as a R400 model. PRICE DROP if buying the R400 model.

Single unit includes the following (double each if purchasing the R400 option):

- (1) Vitalis High Pressure Liquid Pump Maximum 15L/min Flow Rate

- (2) High Pressure Extraction Vessels 100L Capacity w/ Quick Vessel Closure and 5000 PSI Maximum 40 Micron Particle Filter Industrial Electronless Nickel Plate Interior & Exterior

- (2) High Efficiency Primary Separators True Cyclonic Flow Separation With Water Jackets Variable Flow Cyclone Control, and Flow Diverting Assembly 

- (1) CO2 Filtration System Absolute 0.01 micron filtration system

- (1) Set of Process Piping Components All Required Tube, Hose, and Valves 

- (1) Set pf Phase Management Assemblies With Dual-Chamber, Circulating Heat Exchange

- (2) Secondary Separators With Internal Filtration Assembly and Water Jackets 4

- (1) CO2 Condensers High Pressure, Plated Heat Exchanger

- (2) C02 Accumulator 140L capacity

- (3) Electrical Junction Boxes With Accompanying Wiring and Fittings, UL Certification 

- (1) Sensor Package Temperature & Pressure Sensors For All Pressure Vessels

- (1) Hot Water Heater On-Demand, Instant Hot Water Heater

- (1) Hot Water Tank Process Water Tank and Accompanying Tubing

- (1) Refrigeration System High Thermal Efficiency Self Regulating System 1

- (1) Water Pump Commercial Water Pump

- (1) Control Panel System Control Management of Flow, Temps, and Pressures

- (1) Hydraulic Power Unit 15HP Electric Motor w/ Hydraulic Assembly and Tank

- (1) Structural Components Stainless Steel frame and accompanying hardware