2-Stage Lab Society Wiped Film Distillation - 10kg/hr Throughput

2-Stage Lab Society Wiped Film Distillation - 10kg/hr Throughput

$99,000 (USD)

Durham, NC

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Used 2 Stage Wiped Film Distillation by Lab Society, notes from the seller directly:

  • Vacuum pumps have been replaced in the last couple months, one of them brand new. The manufacturer was onsite as well while we tested the new vacuum pumps and both are working well. Photos of the nameplates included.  The pumps require vacuum oil.
  • Heat Retention - system is completely jacketed

Manufacturer requirements:

Electrical Requirements:

Requires a Sub-Panel, Main Disconnect Breaker on Panel

• Voltage Options (Please specify based on Facility Requirements)

o 170 Amps @ 208 (4 wire), 3 Phase, 200 Amp Breaker

o 155 Amps @ 230 (4 wire), 3 Phase, 200 Amp Breaker

o 80 Amps @ 460, 3 Phase, 125 Amp Breaker

• Unit Skid has self-contained electrical connections for utilities

• Requires Professional Electrician for connection from Skid to Sub-Panel

• Final Electrical Requirements/Options are finalized upon order

Water Requirements:

Requires Tap Water Connection (Source and Drain for Tempered Water Units)

• 3/8" MPT Ball Valve Connection for Source and Drain for Shut offs

• Drain does not need to be floor drain, but can be if specs are met

• Drain can be mounted next to water connection utilizing same MPT connection

• Inlet & Outlet anywhere from ground level to 12" high (unit is designed to be easy to walk

around all sides, so lower to the ground is preferred but not critical)

• Connection should be somewhat robust, as it will be receiving max 3.2 GPM (gallons per minute)

during purge cycles/peak usage @ 100C Max Discharge Temperature

• Normal operation can be little to 0.0 GPM

Space Requirements:

Please specify height of ceiling in location of install – Optional Heights are Available

• Minimum Footprint: 8’ x 4’ x 10’ (LWH)

• Should be placed with walkway around unit (at least 2’ from walls)

• 8’ Height Minimum, 10’ Ceiling Height is Preferred


ManufacturerLab Society
ModelLS WFD 0.2 2S